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 Getting Started
Animated Tutorials
Why read when you can watch a video! 
Our animated video tutorials are an easy way to sit back and relax and watch a video show you how to use your Control Panel and point-and-click to create email accounts, view stats, setup ecommerce, and much more!
Getting Started Guide
The basics from what your control panel can do for you, how important your "public_html" file is, to setting up email.  This is a good general overview of the basics.

Account Policies - Terms of Service
If you have questions regarding what is allowed and what isn't, including billing questions, this is all that and more.

 Accessing Your Account
 Email Management
 Changing Passwords
 SSL & Website Security
 Backup Your Account
 404 Document Page
  Customized Missing Document Page
 Helpful Terms De-Mystified
 Definitions for: 
Internet Technology Terms, Acronyms, Lingo, Web Applications (email), etc.
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