Setup Subdomains Easily
via your Control Panel

A subdomain allows you to create mini websites that have their own separate index.html file and cgi-bin from your master account.

Subdomain Setup

A subdomain is setup via the Control Panel that comes with each hosting account.  While using the Control Panel, you simply click the "Subdomains" link, and it will show you the following...


You would simply type the name of your subdomain inside the blank box and then click the "Add" button.  That's it.

If you typed Bill in the blank box, your subdomain would be and you could visit this subdomain via your browser.

Subdomain Setup

After setting up a subdomain, your account would now include a folder called "bill" (or whatever you named the subdomain) and inside this folder is where you would place an index.html file, images, etc.  It acts like it's own website.

Subdomain Space

A subdomain does share the total space of your master account.  For example, if you were hosted with our 100 Mb Gold Power plan, and your subdomain used a megabyte of space, your total plan would have 99 Mb remaining.

A Subdomain and FTP

If you need to setup a subdomain and give an employee access to only that subdomain, you can easily do so.

1.  Use the Control Panel (CP) and create a subdomain.
2.  This will create a folder on your hosted account with the name of the subdomain.
3.  Next, create a FTP account with the same name of the subdomain.

The new FTP account username and password will only be able to access the subdomain and any directories/folders below that subdirectory.

Always perform a test after setting this up to ensure it is performing as expected.

Subdomain and the Terms of Service

Keep in mind the Terms of Service regarding subdomains...

Accounts with unlimited subdomains:  An account with unlimited subdomains are not be be abused.  Accounts with unlimited subdomains doesn't allow the abuse of such subdomains as this feature will be removed from such an account.  Abuse would involve, but not limited to the overuse of subdomains.

We do NOT allow subdomains to be resold.  Any attempt to do so will result in the immediate cancellation of your service.

It is within our right to review any subdomain that appears to be negatively affecting the servers. 

Remember that you are on a shared server.

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