Secure Server - SSL

All of our web hosting plans come with SSL (https) included.  We use a 128bit certificate for maximum security for us and your website.

Any of your files (HTML, Images, CGI, logs, etc.) can be called from their location on your web account using

The # symbol is the number from 1 and up according to which server you are on.  The username is your main site username.  This information was provided in your web hosting account setup email.  If you need to obtain this information, you can issue a support ticket.

SSL Access

If you wanted to securely access your homepage, it would be as follows (assuming your home page is named index.html).

Microsoft® FrontPage® and SSL

We support Microsoft FrontPage on our servers.  You can publish your website via Microsoft FrontPage as we do support the FrontPage extensions.

If you publish your website, and then try to access your website via https, it will display correctly.

If you create a form with FrontPage and access the form securely, the form will display, but the FrontPage extensions will not work via SSL (https) and as a result, your form will not send any data.  It will display an error message to the person that filled out the form.

SSL and the FrontPage extensions have problems interacting with each other regardless of hosting company and regardless of whether or not you are using a shared certificate or your own non-shared domain certificate.  This is a known problem that Microsoft is not currently able to resolve.

It's best to not try and use a FrontPage form with SSL.  To setup a secure form, you can use CGI/PHP/etc.

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