CGI-bin Applications

Common Gateway Interface (CGI)

CGI programs run on a web server but can be invoked through a web page by visitors to your site.  CGI programs can be written in a variety of programming languages including C, C++, Perl and Python.  They can be used to perform a wide range of tasks such as processing forms, sending email, building HTML pages 'on-the-fly' or counting site visitors.

We have loaded a number of CGI programs onto your server and has configured them for you so they are ready to use.  See Pre-configured CGI-bin Scripts for more information.

If you are not familiar with CGI scripting, you may like to learn more about it through one of the following online resources:

The CGI Resource Index 
CGI Tutorials
Perl Tutorials
Perl CGI Programming FAQ

Put your cgi-bin scripts in your cgi-bin subdirectory (off your public_html directory).

Paths to Programs

Sendmail Program /usr/sbin/sendmail
Perl Interpreter /usr/bin/perl
Date Program /bin/date
Python /usr/bin/python
ROOT PATH /home/your_ftp_name/public_html/cgi-bin/
   (puts you in the cgi-bin directory)

Setting Permissions

It is important to set the permissions correctly for your CGI programs or they may not work.  In most cases, you should set them to chmod 755.   Do NOT chmod any script or folder to 777 as it will not work, rather chmod the script or folder to 755.

You can set permissions through the Control Panel or by accessing your account through SSH Telnet using the chmod (change mode) command or via FTP (the preferred method by most webmasters).

Please note that scripts can enter infinite loops and cause problems for any server.  Please edit scripts with care!

For additional assistance visit our CGI Troubleshooting Web Page

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