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Configure Your Mail Client

You will need to configure your mail program to log into our mail servers.  We have described below how to setup Eudora Light to access and send your mail.  Eudora Light is an excellent mail program which you can download for free (see below).  The discussion below should also be useful for other mail software, as most mail programs require basically the same information.

Please note that although your account exists on our server you won't be able to receive email at until InterNIC has finished processing your domain name registration or modification.

The following details are required by most mail programs:

POP Host or POP Server
Your POP host or POP server is simply  Your POP account is

SMTP is the outgoing mail server.  Your SMTP server is also

Is your Internet Service Provider one of the following?

Earthlink?  Then use for outgoing mail server.
MindSpring?  Then use for outgoing mail server.

Mail box name or user name or POP name
This can vary between mail clients.   Try using the first part of your POP account name (the part before the "@" - for example, you).  If that does not work try using your full POP account name (e.g.  If it still does not work please contact us for help or try using Eudora Light.

Download Eudora Light

Eudora Light is the freeware version of the Eudora Pro Email Client.  It is available for both Macintosh and Windows (and Newton).  You can download the Eudora Light software, manual and readme file by clicking on the links below.  You will need a PDF reader to read the manual.  You can get one free from Adobe.

Eudora Light 3.06 for Windows (3.x, 95, 98, NT)
  Email Client Software (4.4 Mb)
  README file
  Manual (667K, PDF format)

Eudora Light 3.1.3 for Macintosh
  Email Client Software (3.5 Mb approx)
  README file
  Manual (900K, PDF format)

Configure Eudora Light

After you have downloaded and installed Eudora Light, open the program.  If you are installing Eudora for the first time, the Getting Started Options are displayed.   If they do not appear, select Options... from the Tools menu and click on the Getting Started category.

In the POP account field, type in your full POP account name (for example,

In the Real name field, type your real name.  It is included in the From field of your outgoing messages.

You can use the Return address field to specify an email address which you want to appear in the From field of your message.  For example, your POP account may be called but you may want your messages to appear to come from  To achieve this, simply list as your POP account and in the Return address field. 

Specify a connection method.  If you are using Eudora via TCP/IP software (e.g. a direct network connection, SLIP or PPP), select Winsock.  If you are using Eudora via a Unix shell account, select Dialup.  Most users will select Winsock.

Click on Hosts in the left-hand panel.  In the SMTP field type your domain name (e.g.

Go to the Checking Mail tab and make sure that the Save Password option is checked.

Click on OK and you are done.

To check your mail choose Check Mail from the File menu.   If you have not entered your password before, Eudora will prompt you to enter it now.  Try sending a test message to yourself to check that Eudora is configured correctly.

For further information about Eudora Light, please consult the Eudora manual.  The manual contains a tutorial which should show you everything you need to know.

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