Email Management

You get several fully featured email account with your site (depending on which hosting package you have). Each email account has its own address under your domain (e.g. If you like, you can setup your account to have your email forwarded to another email account anywhere on the web.

Rollover / System Email
We have set up your main email account so that any mail sent to an unrecognized user at your domain is delivered to your main email address known as the system email or rollover email address. This can be very useful because it means you can use many different email aliases without actually having to set them up explicitly.

Please make sure to check this email account as it is a part of your hosting space.  Any misdirected emails will be sent to this email address.  You may consider forwarding this email address to an email address that you check on a regular basis.

Email Aliases
You can also give any email account an unlimited number of email aliases so that when mail is sent to, say, then you will receive the email at, say, (a real mailbox). You can also use this feature to have mail forwarded to an address anywhere on the web without wasting a real mail box. For example, you can set up an alias called for, then all mail sent to will be forwarded to

Autoresponders are a great marketing tool and can save you time answering common questions. You can set up an autoresponder so that when a message is sent to, say,, then your pre-written message is automatically returned to the sender. All our hosting packages allow you to set up an unlimited number of autoresponders.

To set up email aliases and autoresponders, or to forward your email, you will need to use the Control Panel.  Please use your FTP user name and password to login to the Control Panel to setup your autoresponders.

Maximize Your Email Potential

  1. We recommend that all clients set their mail software to delete mail from their server promptly after downloading. This will ensure that our servers remain fast and efficient which results in your website performing to its best ability.
  2. Reduce the amount of space on your website to only those files that are necessary. If you are storing any unnecessary files, now is a good time to remove them.
  3. Use autoresponders to create the extra professionalism that online visitors enjoy.  Everyone wants to know their questions or comments were received and would appreciate a quick (automated) response for their satisfaction.  Of course, it is still necessary to promptly follow up with any comments or questions.

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