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Frequently Asked Tech Hosting Questions

    Common General Questions:
  How to I transfer my files to my site (FTP)? How do I reduce the amount of SPAM I receive?
  Why do I need space below my root folder? Can I use FORMMAIL.cgi or FORMMAIL.pl?
  I can receive email, but I can't send email. Should I use my IP or domain name?
  I've lost my password. I can't access my Control Panel
  I need more email accounts    


Q  How do I transfer my files to my site (FTP)?
A You can easily transfer your files by using your Control Panel or by FTP.

FTP stand for "File Transfer Protocol."  FTP is typically software that you use to transfer your files such as your HTML and images to your online webspace.

You can access your account via FTP 24 hours a day, every day of the year.  You can upload (send to the server) your site files using FTP.

You can also use the ActiveWebHost.com Control Panel as well.

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Q  Why do I need space below my root (public_html) folder?
A Keep prying eyes away!

Your account includes space that can't be accessed via http nor https (in other words, it can't be reached from the browser).

This is helpful in preventing prying eyes from seeing files you don't want publicly accessible such as databases, log file, reports, order logs, etc.

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Q  I can receive email, but I can't send email.
A It's possible that your ISP is blocking your ability to send email.  Check with your ISP and make sure port 25 is open.  Mindspring/Earthlink requires you to use their server to send.  Click here for more details and instructions.

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Q  I've lost my password.
A Try logging in and after an unsuccessful attempt, you will be given the option to have your password emailed to you.  The Control Panel will email your password ONLY to the official email address that you added to your Control Panel.  It's important to keep that email address updated and preferably your ISP email address.

Otherwise, please submit a support ticket so that we can verify your information in order to provide the password.  Keep in mind that a lost password, without verification, will result in no access to your account as this is done to maximize security for your hosted account. 

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Q  I need more email accounts.
A You can upgrade to a larger account with more email capacity or request additional email accounts.

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Q  How do I reduce the amount of SPAM I receive?
  1. Use your Control Panel and ensure that Spam Assassin is turned on.  It's highly important this software is running to help minimize the amount of spam you receive.
  2. Don't fill out online forms at sites you don't trust.  They may end up selling your email to a mailing list vendor resulting in an abundance of spam.
  3. You can also use your Control Panel to block email.
  4. Microsoft Outlook 2003 includes the ability to add senders to a blocked list (which is *much* improved over previous versions).
  5. When creating your website, forms that include your email address hidden in the code will be captured by automated sniffing software.  Use a general email address for such online forms, not your main email address.
  6. Never respond to spam!  When you receive email from an unknown source, never click the "click here to unsubscribe." Why not?  When you click that link, spammers immediately tag your email address as an active email address and naturally target you even further.

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Q  Can I use FORMMAIL.cgi or FORMMAIL.pl?
A No!  Use of FORMMAIL.cgi or FORMMAIL.pl will result in your account being immediately suspended.

The current version of FORMMAIL IS 1.92.  Although use of this version is more secure than previous versions, we would prefer an alternative in order to protect us, our other clients, as well as your site's credibility.

Why?  FORMMAIL is outdated and allows spammers to send spam, without your permission or even your password, to send unsolicited spam from your account.  That's enough for us to ban it from the server.  

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Q  Should I use my IP or domain name?
A Always use your domain name.  IP addressed can and do change all the time.  Using your IP address in your website will eventually lead to dead links when an IP address is changed.

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Q  I can't access my Control Panel.
A Your Control Panel can be accessed using your domain name, followed by :2082 such as http://www.domain.com:2082.

Before your domain is "pointed" to our server, we show you how to access your Control Panel using the IP address.  Once the domain is pointing to the server, the IP address method will no longer work and that's when we usually get a question regarding not being able to access the Control Panel.

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