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Free Website Hosting!

Refer new clients to us and receive FREE website hosting for YOUR website!
It's a snap!

Some of the advantages are...

 Why pay for quality hosting when you can receive it for free?!
  • Now's The Time!
    Web hosting is a vastly growing market with thousands of potential new clients, be a part of it today!
  • Free Hosting?  Don't let this worry you.
    We aren't "free hosting" but rather a true hosting company that wishes to expand our market and at the same time, reward those that help in the process.  It's a win, win situation!
  • Be Rewarded Today!
    You have to have your website hosted somewhere, right?  Why not host with ActiveWebHost.com and for every two new clients you send to us, receive a month of FREE hosting?
  • We Provide Clear Terms.
    We clearly explain what you can expect BEFORE you commit.  Why?  If you clearly see how you benefit and how to accomplish your goals, you will be more satisfied with the results and thus receive more free hosting.


  • Must be a client of ActiveWebHost.com for a minimum of three months and with an account in good standing.
  • For every two new clients you send our way, you will receive A MONTH OF FREE HOSTING!
  • Your month of FREE hosting is regardless of which hosting package you or the new clients are receiving.  In other words, if you are paying $30 a month for one account and your two new referrals both sign up for the 12.95 accounts, you still receive a free month!
  • The FREE month of website hosting cannot be redeemed for cash.  The FREE month of website hosting can ONLY be used for ActiveWebHost.com website hosting.
  • We do not issue refunds for any hosting already paid, each FREE month is for future months that have not yet been paid.

Your Referrals...

  • Once the two referred new clients have joined ActiveWebHost.com, they must be a client of ActiveWebHost.com for a minimum of three months and with an account in good standing.
  • Any referred account that cancels their account before the end of their first three months, that cancelled referred account will not count towards your total referred accounts.

Referral Examples...

  • Refer 24 new clients, been here three months each, their account and yours in good standing?
    You just received 1 year of free website hosting!

It's a snap!

 Common Questions
Can the "new" client be a new website by me?
  Sure!  If you add two new websites to your account, why shouldn't you be considered as well?  Your main account + two more of your accounts = 1 Free month on your main account.  Your main account is defined as the first account you setup with ActiveWebHost.com.
What if the "new" client adds two websites instead of one?  How is this handled?
  For your tracking, it's handled as two new clients.  Again, it's win, win for everyone!
Is this an affiliate program?
  No.  An affiliate program allows anyone and everyone to link to your website and if that website generates a sale, the affiliate is paid a small percentage or flat rate of the sale.  The affiliate typically doesn't even know the people that are being referred.

Our goal at ActiveWebHost.com is to establish a quality relationship with our clients whom in turn, generate positive word-of-mouth to their family, friends, and business associates.  Who better to know our quality service than our clients?  This translates into client confidence that leads to more quality referrals than most any other method.

I'm already an ActiveWebHost.com client, what do I need to do?
  Simply let the new referral put your name in the referral box during checkout.  

During the checkout process of any of our hosting plans, when you or a new client signs up for a new hosting account, during step number five, simply select "Referral" from "How did you discover ActiveWebHost.com?"  Then they can simply type your name or business name or domain name in the referral box.  It's a snap!

I'm a web designer and setup many client domains, is this okay?
  Whether you refer a handful of new clients or many new clients, EACH two new clients you send our way counts toward your FREE website hosting month!
I'm an ActiveWebHost.com hosting reseller.  Do I receive a free month for every two referred?
  No.  You aren't referring websites, you are hosting those sites.  We do have special promotions specifically for our hosting resellers.
So if I refer ten new accounts that are setup in one month, what does that mean to me?
  5 FREE website hosting months for your main account!
I have additional questions.
  Let us know your questions by clicking the "Contact Us" link at the top or bottom of this page.

It's a snap to receive quality free website hosting!

Click Here to Sign Up!

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