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Why Choose ActiveWebHost.com?

We've listed the top reasons why you should
choose ActiveWebHost.com for your website.

  Why Choose ActiveWebHost.com?
  ActiveWebHost.com Stability
  Our Pricing
  Feature Rich Plans
  Industry Setting Support
  Fantastic Deals
  Fast Server and Network Speed
  Server and Network Updates
  Family AND Business Friendly
  Where Do I Go From Here?


 Why Choose ActiveWebHost.com?
Your Online Success is Important to Us:
Your success is our success, it truly is that simple™.

You matter to us, and it is our goal to help you in any way we can.

We look forward to hearing from our clients, whether it's from...

  • A problem a client is having that we can help them with,
  • A feature a client would like to see,
  • Any one of the many emails we have received telling us how much they appreciate ActiveWebHost.com and all of the help we have provided,
  • We enjoy playing a key part in the success of your online venture.
Easy Transfer of Existing Websites: When you sign up, if you request and need assistance transferring your web hosting account to us, let us know and we will be glad to provide any assistance you may need.

If you want us to transfer you from a hosting account to us, we have fast connections and would be glad to do this for you.

See if you find any other hosts that do this!

We do this because we know your website is important to you and you need it setup as quickly as possible.

We Honestly Consider Your Needs: Sometimes you have a specific need (shopping cart, ecommerce, online database, JavaScript, etc.)

While it certainly isn't the norm for web hosting companies to do this, we consider it a normal day when we...

  • Help you evaluate software needs for your website
  • Evaluate your existing website software for upgrades and security updates
  • We even (on most occasions) setup online software (CGI, PHP, etc.) that has been legitimately purchased from a software vendor

Why do we do these things?  Our experience can help guide you toward the tools you need for online success and continual growth.

Again, we just can't say it enough, your success is our success, it truly is that simple.

Ecommerce All-In-One Solution: For ecommerce you need an online shopping cart, security, and a merchant account.  We can provide all three!

Click for shopping cart information and merchant account information and discover how we can help you setup your shop online today!

 ActiveWebHost.com Stability
Long Term Growth: While some hosting companies come and go (and cause you serious problems as a result), ActiveWebHost.com has continued to grow through the years and we want you to know that we will be here for you.
In Business Since 1999: We have been in business since 1999.  This is a tribute to our stability and long term growth.  We'll be here for you when you need us.
 Our Pricing
Competitive Prices: We offer very competitive prices along with feature rich hosting plans.  Check out the Plan Comparison and find the hosting that suits your needs.
Price Stability: From 1999 to 2005, we haven't raised prices!  In fact, we recently added new features to all of our accounts without any price increase.
Discount Plans: You can pay month by month, or by paying for 3, 6 or even 12 months at a time, you can save a little more money.
 Feature Rich Plans
Features: All of our accounts include a robust and easy to use Control Panel for your online management, a variety of web software, tons of space and bandwidth, excellent tech support, and much more.
Software: We include software that is dynamic, helpful, feature rich, easy to use and much more.  Click here to learn more about the software included with your account.
Web Builder: Want to build your website from any computer?  How about an interface that is easy to use and as simple as point-and-click?  It's included with your account!  Click here to learn more and build your website today!
Templates: Looking for some templates that you can download, modify, and then upload for your new website?  We've got those included with your account too!  Click here to learn more and build your website today!
Flexible Custom Plans: If we do not have a plan that meets your needs, please feel free to Contact Us to receive a custom quote for a plan to suit your specific needs.  We are flexible!
Upgrade for Free: When your web site is growing leaps and bounds, and you know it's time to upgrade, you can enjoy our no cost upgrade FREE of charge.

If you are upgrading at some time other than the first of the month, we even prorate the new monthly charge so you won't be paying extra!

 Industry Setting Support
Quality Customer Service:
Don't be surprised when you develop a relationship with our tech support staff.  We are proud to provide support and we many times go well "above and beyond" the call of duty.

Why?  Because your success is our success - it truly is that simple.

Hosting Support Help
Searchable Online Manual: An online manual that is searchable (yeah!).  We continually update our manual with support questions that we receive.  We know if one person has a question, others may have the same question as well and we want to provide the materials so that you can efficiently build your web site.

The manual is geared for beginners (POP3, FTP, etc.) with plenty of advanced help as well (CGI, ASP, SSI, etc.).

Control Panel: The CPanel is a popular tool that many hosts provide for their clients to automatically perform common duties.  The CPanel is included with all accounts.  Click Here For More Details
24/7: We are here to support you 24/7.  When you have a question, just let us know and we will be glad to help.
Animated Video Tutorials: Why read when you can watch a video!  We want you utilize your website features to the maximum of your ability, and the more you know, the more you can have your website do for you.

Our animated video tutorials are an easy way to sit back and relax and watch a video show you how to use your Control Panel and point-and-click to create email accounts, view stats, setup ecommerce, and much more!

Click here to view the animated video tutorials!

 Fantastic Deals
FREE Hosting: Why pay for quality hosting when you can receive it for free?

We are always running specials such as, "Refer two new clients to us and receive a FREE month of website hosting for YOUR website!  It's a snap!"

Check out our current specials!

30-Day $ Back Guarantee: If you don't like your hosting experience, we want you to know you can always use our 30-Day $ Back Guarantee.

Not trying to be conceited, but we really don't think you'll use it as we have a 99% retention rate past the 30 days.  In fact, in the years we have been hosting, we still have over a 90% overall retention!

 Fast Server and Network Speed
Super Speed Network: Your site is important to your success and as a result, we utilize state-of-the-art fiber optics along with fast CPUs with plenty of RAM so that your website is served quickly to your web visitors.
Redundant Backbone: If a particular Internet network (that is beyond our control) is down or even slow, we use multiple redundant backbone connections to ensure your website is always displayed.
Physical Security: Our equipment is protected by rigorous physical, electronic, and personnel measures.  Your data is important, we we want to keep it that way.
 Server and Network Updates
Server Security Updates: We always update our server software with the latest security updates.
Server Stability: At the same time, we don't rush into updating the operating system, or other software, until we have thoroughly tested it and know it is stable.
 Family AND Business Friendly
Bandwidth is the amount of traffic your site experiences and is usually measured on a monthly basis.

Most sites have a monthly bandwidth need of well less than 1 gig a month.

Our "smallest" family plan comes with 1 gig of monthly bandwidth while the "smallest" business plan comes with 3 gigs.

That's certainly plenty of bandwidth for your needs!  Larger plans include additional bandwidth if the need arises.  Click for Plan Comparison.

Binary Transfer: Some hosts (believe it or not) actually are e-commerce "unfriendly" as they don't like lots of binary transfers.

Your images, flash files, etc. would be considered to not qualify under their monthly terms, and could result in large fees for your web site (and just as you were growing!).

We don't mind if you have 100% binary transfer or 0%, just as long as you are successful.

Plenty of Growing Space: Our "smallest" family account comes with a generous 25 megs of space.  That's a lot of online pictures!

Our "smallest" business account comes with a generous 100 megs of space! Ready for your website and ecommerce needs!

Click for Plan Comparison.

Plenty of POP3's: You need email to communicate and all of our accounts include generous portions of POP3 email accounts!  Click for Plan Comparison.
Web Mail: On vacation?  Away from home or office?  But you still want to be able to access your email?

Enjoy the convenience of being able to access email easily from a browser and from any location where you can use the Internet.  Great for on the go sales staff.  Simply access http://www.yourdomain.com:2095 and type in your domain email address and it's password and you'll have access to your email from anywhere!

SSL Options: All of our business accounts come with a shared SSL certificate so that you can begin immediately obtaining sensitive information such as credit card numbers securely via https.  This is included at no additional charge, and *any* file on your hosted account can be accessed via https.

If you would rather have your own non-shared SSL certificate, you can choose any provider of your choice and we will install it for FREE!

If you aren't sure about SSL certificates, read the "Do I Need My Own Secure Certificate" article and be informed today!

 Where Do I Go From Here?
Glad you asked! Still shopping for hosting?  We have some great tips to help you save time, money, as well as critical answers you need to know to maximize your online success.  Click the link below for more details!

Shopping For Hosting? Try These Tips...

Are you ready to sign up?: Your website is ready to be professionally hosted at ActiveWebHost.com.

Click Here to Order Now!


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