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Do I Need My Own
Secure Certificate?

Probably not, but read on...

Most web shoppers rely upon their browser
to tell them whether the connection between their computer and
your web site is secure.

The average online shopper is intelligent,
sophisticated, and has certain expectations,
but they typically don't know the difference between a
"shared secure certificate" and your own secure certificate.

Their biggest concern?

To securely transfer their sensitive information to you.

Let's Compare...

Your Own Certificate Using Our Shared Certificate
Advantages Advantages
  • https://www.yourdomain.com
  • Has a more professional polish due to having your own non-shared certificate
  • If you jump from host to host, there won't be any need to change the https links in your HTML or your software.  We don't ever wish that you have to jump from host to host, but sometimes we know it takes awhile to find that perfect host.
  • No yearly cost as it is included with your ActiveWebHost.com hosting account
  • No setup, it's ready to go right now
  • Keep in mind that you can obtain sensitive information via https via the shared secure certificate that already comes with your ActiveWebHost.com account.  When you sign up for an account, you will receive your account details via email and it will contain the https link that you can use to securely access any file on your website via https.
Disadvantages Disadvantages
  • Yearly Cost
  • Yearly Re-setup (which can't be done until the certificate expires which sometimes results in a day or two of downtime)

Both Solutions...

Regardless of which solution you choose,
your web visitor typically won't notice the difference
as long as they know their information is being securely sent to you.

Even so, as a website owner or designer, you may
feel it is important to have your own secure certificate.
If you are in this category, there is some good news as the
yearly fee for secure certificates has dropped considerably.

Purchasing Your Own Certificate
If you wish to purchase your own SSL non-shared secure certificate, keep in mind...
  • You can purchase from any secure certificate seller.  You aren't forced to buy from one vendor as some hosts insist.
  • We will install the certificate for NO CHARGE
  • There will be NO additional monthly fees that we charge you
  • We HIGHLY encourage you to purchase the 128 bit secure certificate for maximum protection for your shoppers.
Popular Certificate Providers
There are many providers, these are just some of the most popular.  It pays to shop around...

While we do provide links above, it is your responsibility to
ensure you are purchasing the correct certificate for your account.
Web sites change and the links above could link to the wrong
SSL service for your website.

 If you have any questions, please let us know
BEFORE purchasing your secure certificate.

We want to get your site up and going as quickly as possible,
please let us help if you need some assistance.

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Permission is NOT granted for any use by another hosting company.
If you wish to use this article on your website, newsletter, etc.
you MUST obtain permission first.
We will pursue any claims necessary to enforce this copyright.

None of this information is legal advice. Use this information at your own risk. 

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