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    Growing?  Let Us Help!

Sometimes you need the flexibility to add features
that are important to you and your success, but don't have the need to upgrade to another plan.

We want to be a part of your success and have provided the following Account Add-Ons should you find any of them necessary.

We also don't believe in hidden charges, so we openly display all of our Account Add-On charges.

Of course, you could always choose to upgrade your account to another plan
for no additional setup cost other than the normal cost of the monthly plan!

If your site is growing leaps
and bounds and you would
like to add any Add Ons,
simply let us know by filling out the request form.

Add Ons:
10 Additional
POP3 accounts
$10 one-time setup
25 Additional
POP3 accounts
$20 one-time setup
Additional data transfer
(if needed)
$1.00 / 1 Gig - Purchased in 10 gig packs
Additional 10 Mb block
of disk space
$2 / month
Additional 100 Mb block of disk space $12 / month
Domain Parking $15 NEW LOWER PRICE $10 setup (per domain)

EXAMPLE:  If you own domain.com, domain.net, and domain.org and you want them to all to go to the same place, you would use parking.  Parking points the extra domains to the top level of your site.  So if your main website is domain.com, by Domain Parking domain.net on top of domain.com when someone types domain.net, it would display the site/page located on domain.com.

Domain Pointing $10 one-time setup for each domain
$5 / month per pointed domain
EXAMPLE:  Pointers can be useful if you want to have different sites come up with those extra domain names.  They point to a subfolder inside your site somewhere.  So, if you own the three domain names such as domain.com, domain.net, and domain.org and the .com site is your main site you could have domain.net "pointed" to a folder on the domain.com site such as domain.com/netsite and domain.org could go to domain.com/orgsite.

In other words, pointing doesn't bring up your main site, but it appears as if it has its own site (which is actually a folder on your main account).

Pointing Advantages:  Lower monthly cost per domain.
Pointing Disadvantages:  Pointed domains share the same totals for your plan such as email, monthly total bandwidth, mySQL databases, etc.

5 Additional MySQL Databases $5 / month
5 Additional Subdomains $5 / month
Dedicated IP $1 / month for each Dedicated IP.

Dedicated IPs are necessary if you plan to use your own secure https certificate in place of using shared https.

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