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Frequently Asked Pre Sales Hosting Questions

    Common Pre Sales Questions:
  What is hosting?  Why would I need hosting? Do you offer a money back guarantee?
  How long does it take for my account to be setup? What is online Photo Software?
  What forms of payment do you accept? What kind of tech support do you provide?
  Can I upgrade/downgrade my account later? Can you transfer my account to your server?
  What does POP3, Forwarding, Catch All and Autoresponders have to do with email? I'm just testing the waters, so why not host with a company that has free hosting?
  Can I access my email using a browser - webmail? Will my site display quickly?
  Do I need a domain (mysite.com)? Do you provide any online software?
  Is my account available 24/7? What is Ecommerce?


Q  What is hosting?  Why would I need hosting?
A When you surf online, you are visiting websites.  Those websites are composed of images, text, programs, videos, and much more.  The files that make up a website are *hosted* on a hosting computer that is always connected to the Internet.

A hosting computer is a special computer that has robust features not found on a typical computer such as:

  • Redundancy of internal components in the event one fails, the other component takes over,
  • A fast "upline" pipe.  When you surf, you want your pages to display as quickly as possible.  Most ISPs have a fast "downline" pipe so that files are downloaded to your computer very quickly.  A server doesn't "download" files very much, so the "pipe" going out a typical server is much larger to accomodate hundreds of simultaneous requests very quicly.
  • Server grade hardware results in a more stable and reliable computer, which translates into your site stability and availability.
  • A server is also in a dust free environment, which reduces the possibility of heat build up due to dust, smoke, hairs, etc.
  • A server is also protected in a secure environment by cameras, guards, etc.
  • A hosting computer (server) also has a lot of built in security to guard against hackers in order to keep your site safe.

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Q  How long does it take for my account to be setup?
A We offer same day setup, often within minutes of your order.  Each order is reviewed by a human for verification of your information as well as to weed out fraud.  This quality control sometimes results in a slight delay, however, you benefit by knowing reputable users are using the server.

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Q  What forms of payment do you accept?
A We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  We do not currently accept checks, cash, or money orders.

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Q  Can I upgrade/downgrade my account later?
A Certainly!  Just let us know by requesting a support ticket and we will be glad to make the modification for you.

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Q  What does POP3, Forwarding, Catch All and Autoresponders have to do with email?
A These are all features that are related to email for your account.
  • POP3 Email Accounts
    POP3 = Post Office Protocol version 3.  A POP3 email address can be checked with popular software such as Microsoft Outlook or by accessing your email from any Internet enabled computer.  A POP3 email account is important because it allows you to setup email accounts based upon your domain name such as bill@mydomain.com, sally@mydomain.com or more generally as webmaster@mydomain.com, billing@mydomain.com, etc.

    CAUTION!  Watch out for hosting companies that won't allow you to send email via your own domain.  Some force you to use your ISP, which could potentially lead to you having to change your ISP.  ActiveWebHost.com allows you to send email via your domain name.

    We do NOT however tolerate any client that sends SPAM and will immediately deactivate any client who would do so.

    Still shopping for a hosting company?  Check out the
    Web Host Shopping Survival Checklist.
  • Email Forwarding
    You can choose to forward your email to a different email account anywhere on the web - great for convenience.  This is easily achieved through your online control panel.
  • Autoresponders
    Autoresponders are a great marketing tool and can save you time answering common questions.  You can set up an autoresponder so that when a message is sent to, say, info@mydomain.com, then your pre-written message is automatically returned to the sender.

    It's also a great way to let your web visitors know you are quick to respond and that they are important to you.  For example, if they send an email to ashley@mydomain.com you can easily setup an autoresponder to reply back with something like...

    "Thank you for contacting me.  I will respond shortly.  Have a great day!"

    All our hosting packages allow you to set up an unlimited number of autoresponders.

  • Catch All Email Account
    Stop losing mistyped email addresses!  Your POP3 "Catch All" email account is automatically setup to catch any mistyped email addresses.  For example, if someone sends an email to bil@yourdomain.com but they meant to type bill, your "catch all" email account will still receive the email.

    Even more, your "Catch All" email address does not count towards your total POP3 email accounts.  It's FREE!

  • Web Based Email
    You can access your POP3 email accounts from any Internet enabled computer by using your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.).  Great for those times when you are away from your home or office and want to check your email.

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Q  Can I access my email using a browser (webmail)?
A Yes.  You can access your email accounts from any Internet enabled computer by using your browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Mozilla, etc.).

Great for those times when you are away from your home or office and want to check your email.

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Q  Do I need a domain (mysite.com)?
A Yes.  You will need a domain in order to let people know how to reach you online.  You don't need a domain to order hosting, but until you have a domain, many features won't be able to work (such as email, online programs, etc.) until you have your domain.

We offer Domain Registration Services...Compare our prices!

  • Most domain registrations start at just $9.95 per year and lower for multiple year registrations!
  • When you register a domain, you are saving or leasing a name for you to use such as your family name, your school name, your company name, a product name, etc.  An example of a domain name would be Yahoo.com, Excite.com, Infoseek.com, ActiveWebHost.com, etc.
  • You register a domain name with an extension.  Common extensions are .com, .net., .org, .info, .us, .biz, etc.
  • Domains are registered a year or more at a time.

You can also transfer your existing domain registration to us and we will extend the domain registration for 1 full year!

Register your domain today before someone else does!  Click here now!

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Q  Is my account available 24/7?
A Absolutely!  You can access and update your website at any time.

We also provide a 99% uptime guarantee.  Want to know how we can provide such a top notch uptime guarantee?  Our pro-active efforts allow us to integrate a system wide, automatic paging system that will send email messages, page pagers, and phone cell phones the second a problem with any server occurs.

By placing our servers on a system wide automatic paging system, we are able to quickly respond to any server issues.  This in turn maximizes your website's online time and allows us to provide you and your website with a 99% uptime guarantee.

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Q  Do you offer a money back guarantee?
A Absolutely!  If an account is cancelled within the first thirty (30) days of service, you will receive a full refund of all account fees (not including any set-up fees), provided:
  • The account has not been suspended for violations;
  • The account is on the month by month payment plan (3 month, 6 month and 12 month payment plans are not eligible for refunds under any circumstances);

A money back guarantee does not apply to those clients with dedicated servers.  Most users do not have a dedicated server.  Most dedicated server plans start out at $99+ per month, so if you are paying less, then you aren't on a dedicated server.

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Q  What is Online Photo Software?
A Put your pictures online with point and click ease!  The software even resizes the pictures automatically to fit the website!  Each gallery can contain as many photo albums as you want.

Configuration of Gallery and administration of the photo albums is done entirely via an intuitive, web interface.

DEMO!  Click for the Online Family Photo Album Demo!

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Q  What kind of tech support do you provide?
A Your success is our success, so we want to help in any way we can.  Here's how we can help you...
  • Personal Hosting Coach
    Get a professional answer from our top qualified hosting coaches.

    We provide professional, responsive customer service via email 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  No one else comes close to our talented and imaginative hosting coaches who are always ready to assist you.

    You'll wonder how you ever managed without it.  You've waited long enough, sign up today and you'll be glad you did!
  • Animated Tutorials
    Our collection of animated tutorials covers questions like...

    How do I set up my email?
    How do I set up a MySQL database?
    How do I create a subdomain?

    ...and many more. We are adding new animated tutorials as often as we can.

    The tutorials are intuitive and easy to follow and allow you to actually see how things are done, rather than trying to figure it out from reading.

  • Online Searchable Manual
    Easy and quickly find answers to your questions.

    Our professional online manual is also searchable for your convenience and includes dozens of screen shots for enhanced assistance.

    There are helpful tables and summaries on frequently needed information that can also be easily printed for your quick reference.

    We are continually updating and expanding the professional online searchable manual.

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Q  Can you transfer my account to your server?
A Sure!  If you already have an account at another hosting company, and would like us to transfer it for you, just let us know!  We are glad to help in any way we can.

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Q  I'm just testing the waters, so why not host with a company that has free hosting?
A There are companies on the Internet that offer hosting for free.  There is a hidden cost however.
  • Free hosting providers typically force their ads on your site in order to generate revenue.
  • They typically provide little or no support for your site as long as their ads are being displayed, they are happy.
  • They also provide little or no tech help (you can't blame them, they don't have reliable income!).
  • Free hosting companies also experience outages and they really aren't in much of a hurry to get it fixed because they owe you nothing.

Why host with ActiveWebHost.com?  It boils down to your time.  If you are taking the time to setup a website, why not have it professionally hosted with the support to help you succeed!

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Q  Do you provide any online software?
A Absolutely!  You can point and click to add email accounts, analyze your web visitors information (stats), backup your account and much more.

In fact, you can point and click to setup online photo software, online stores, message boards, calendars, and much more!  Click here for all the details!

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Q  Will my site display quickly?
A Your web site is displayed quickly to your web visitors!  Our network is fully switched using only top quality components from Cisco Systems.  All servers are fed from a multi-homed (AT&T, UUNet, Level3, Global Crossing, etc.) backbone.  Our total connectivity includes multiple OC-3 and DS-3 fiber optic connectivity!  That is MANY times faster than a T-3!

Our NOC routes IP traffic down the fastest paths with state of the art fiber optics.  SONET technology is used for maximum redundancy, fault tolerance, and load balancing.

We super cool and provide back power to guarantee maximum up-time.  We protect your data with rigorous physical, electronic, and personnel security measures.  All this to ensure your website is displayed fast for your web visitors!

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Q  What is Ecommerce?
A You can provide convenient point-and-click shopping for your web visitors and point-and-click store management using ecommerce online store software that is included with all of our business and reseller accounts.

Review the features and benefits of our ecommerce store that will have you selling online in no time.

DEMO!  Click for the Online Store Demo!

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